CBMT Proud Silver Sponsor – Allegro of World Congress of Music Therapy this month in Vancouver

Every three years, the World Congress of Music Therapy brings together music therapy professionals and experts in related fields from around the world. The location and host organization may change, but the goal is the same: to share ideas, experiences, trends, research outcomes and camaraderie in the international music therapy community.

This year’s event is at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, from July 24-29. The theme for this 17th World Congress is “Music Therapists: Reflecting, Connecting and Innovating in the Global Economy.”

CBMT is a Silver Sponsor – Allegro of the 2023 World Congress and CBMT staff will be on hand in Booth 1, sharing information regarding its mission: the importance of credentialing and the value of CBMT’s MT-BC certification program.

“We’re very excited to experience and be involved with the world music therapy community at this year’s Congress,” said Joy Schneck, CBMT Executive Director.

CBMT has always been an enthusiastic supporter of events that strengthen the music therapy community; however, this is the first time CBMT is one of the featured sponsors at this international gathering. Sponsorship of the World Congress offers many benefits for CBMT as well – cementing its presence as an important contributor in the world’s music therapy community.

CBMT supporters can enjoy seeing the information about CBMT under the Confirmed Supporters section of the conference website – and learn more about CBMT’s International Application information at cbmt.org.

CBMT provides interested board certification candidates the opportunity for music therapy credentialing worldwide. While CBMT has always been open to providing certification to anyone requesting it, global interest in CBMT certification is growing. CBMT has received many international inquiries and has tested individuals from over 25 international universities from Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Korea, and Indonesia. Currently, six percent of all MT-BCs live internationally. While most reside in Canada, there is an increasing population in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, in many European countries, in Australia, and in South America.

The International Application for exam eligibility is available to anyone with a degree in Music Therapy and with 1200 hours of supervised clinical experience by a qualified music therapy professional. CBMT holds an agreement with the Canadian Association for Music Therapy to test as a requirement for their designation of MTA. CBMT tests are solely in English except in Canada, where (as required by Canadian law) exams are offered bilingually in French and English. CBMT administers exams through PSI, Inc. at locations worldwide. You can learn more by visiting the CBMT website.

“Providing a response to global requests,” according to Joy, “helps to identify and support a minimum standard for Music Therapy practice which in turn helps identify, promote, and support emerging practice around the world – and identifies and promotes a standard of competence that is valued worldwide.”

If you are attending this year’s conference in Vancouver, you can connect with CBMT at Booth 1 just inside the entrance door, and as always, you can learn more at cbmt.org.