Board Certification

Earning the Music Therapy Board Certification (MT-BC) credential demonstrates advanced clinical competence. It also signifies that you are part of a community of music therapists working together to make meaningful contributions to the evolution of the practice.

When you pass the MT-BC Examination, you receive a certificate from CBMT indicating your MT-BC credential is valid for five years. All MT-BC credential holders are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the CBMT Board of Directors in accordance with NCCA Program Accreditation Standards.

CBMT Code of Professional Practice

CBMT is committed to protecting the health, welfare and safety of the patients who work with board-certified music therapists. All MT-BC credential holders must consistently meet the requirements of the CBMT Code of Professional Practice to maintain board certification. Individuals who fail to meet these requirements may have their certification suspended or revoked. If a consumer raises questions about a practitioner’s behavior, the Code of Professional Practice outlines policies and procedures for filing and reviewing complaints, as well as disciplinary procedures when appropriate.

To file a complaint related to an MT-BC in clinical practice, please see the procedures in the Code of Professional Practice and complete the form below.

Recertification Program

As part of our commitment to ensuring continuing competence and protecting the public, your board certification must be renewed every five years with the accrual of 100 continuing education credits.

The CBMT Recertification Program provides guidelines to assist you with maintaining competence and enhancing your knowledge in current practice through continuing education, professional development and professional service opportunities. These three recertification categories reflect the outcome from our Practice Analysis Study and are relevant to the skills, abilities and practical understanding required of the MT-BC. Documentation guidelines will require you to apply learning outcomes to your practice and relate them to the CBMT Board Certification Domains.

Continuing competence is a program of life-long learning designed to maintain or enhance the ongoing ability of the certified professional to practice music therapy in a safe and competent manner by integrating the knowledge and skills necessary for current practice as measured by the most recent practice analysis study and found in the Board Certification Domains.  Integrating and applying new knowledge with current practice, developing enhanced skills in the delivery of services to clients, and enhancing an MT-BCs overall abilities are direct outcomes of the recertification program.


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