International Candidates


An international applicant for the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) Examination is an applicant who has completed their Music Therapy degree in a country outside of the USA or Canada.  Applicants for Board Certification must have successfully completed all academic and clinical training requirements for their music therapy degree to apply for the board exam.

Graduates of Music Therapy Degree Programs Outside of the USA and Canada

To apply as an applicant with a music therapy degree from an academic university outside of the USA or Canada:

1. Login to the CBMT website at as a New Customer and create an account.  Click on the Candidate section to create an Exam Application to apply for the exam.

2. Contact each college/university you attended and have a copy of your official transcripts mailed or sent electronically to the CBMT office:


    •  Official electronic transcripts must be sent from the school to or
    • For non-English transcripts, request an English translation be sent with the transcripts.
    • If an English translation cannot be sent with the transcript, contact the CBMT.

3. Contact a Music Therapist who has professionally supervised you in clinical practice for a total of 1,200 hours to complete a Verification Letter and the Verification Form; instructions and form will be provided by CBMT. At the time of your supervision, this individual must have held a professional credential or designation in Music Therapy. Contact Lynne Frederick at for the appropriate form and instruction.

  • The completed letter and form must be sent directly from the supervisor to the CBMT and must be in English or include an English translation. The applicant waives the right to see the verification letter and form.
  • If you do not have one person who has supervised you in music therapy clinical practice for a period of 1200 hours, contact other professional music therapists who have supervised you in other music therapy clinical settings.

4.  After all required documentation has been received and approved, you will be notified to pay the $325.00 USD exam fee.

5. After payment has been received, your testing record will be set up and you will be emailed the instructions to arrange your exam appointment with our testing company, PSI. You can view a list of CBMT international testing centers by visiting the Candidate FAQ page on the CBMT website.



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