Approved Provider FAQs

The first step is to submit the CBMT Approved Provider Two-Year Provisional Application. Upon approval of the application by CBMT, you will enter two years of provisional Approved Provider Status.

The Two-Year Provisional Application is available in your online account at the CBMT Login. Please follow the steps in the Approved Provider Manual to access your online account.


A $250 electronic application fee is required with your Provisional Application. That fee is renewed at the time you apply for five-year status and again every five years afterward.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your application to be processed and reviewed by our Continuing Education Committee. If you would like your review to be completed within two weeks, you may pay a $100 fee to expedite.

See the opportunity fee structure below. Fees are based on number of credits offered. Your opportunity may be offered as often as you like during that one-year period.

Number of Credits Being Offered: Total Yearly Fee per Opportunity:
1 $40
2 $60
3-10 $80
11-20 $120
21 and up $150

We approve the following types of CMTE opportunities:

  • Synchronous opportunities
  • Asynchronous opportunities
  • Specialty CMTE opportunities

One credit is equal to 50 minutes of educational contact, excluding breaks.

No, participants must attend the full opportunity to receive a certificate for credits.

When offering an opportunity, you will need the Participant Reporting Form and the Opportunity Evaluation Form. You may use the Opportunity Evaluation Form to measure the learning outcomes and the opportunity evaluation, or you can provide your own. The information on the Opportunity Evaluation Form must be included in some fashion to complete the Opportunity Evaluation Summary Form.

The form allows for up to four opportunity objectives, but two or three are sufficient.

Please save all original documents relating to the opportunity for at least five years.

The audit process occurs at the end of your Provisional Cycle and before five-year status approval. During your five-year cycles, audits occur at random.

It is the participants’ responsibility to report their Recertification Credits to CBMT during their cycle.

One-time CMTEs can be co-sponsored by an Approved Provider listed in our Approved Provider section.

You may co-sponsor an opportunity anytime using your provider number. As the Approved Provider, you are responsible for making sure all required documentation is submitted in your online account.

Please submit any promotional materials, along with the opportunity fee, at least two weeks before the start of the opportunity.

Within 30 days of the end of the opportunity, please submit the Opportunity Evaluation Summary Form and the Participant Reporting Form in your online account.

The Opportunity Evaluation Form is available for use with multiple presenters. Page 3 allows for each presenter to be evaluated separately. This page can be printed or copy-and-pasted as many times as necessary to cover all presenters. You can then use the Opportunity Evaluation Summary Form to compile those results for each presenter.

The following items are to be submitted in your online account for each CMTE opportunity by the required deadlines:

  • Promotional Materials
  • Payment of Fees
  • CMTE Opportunity Evaluation Summary Form
  • Participant Reporting Form

The following items are to be completed for each CMTE opportunity and will be required for audit:

  • Complete all fields in the Add Opportunity section in your online account
  • CMTE Opportunity Certificate
  • CMTE Opportunity Evaluation Summary Form
  • Resumes or curriculum vitae of presenters

Please contact Hindi Burkett, our Continuing Education Coordinator, at or 1.800.765.2268, x2.

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