The recertification cycle is a five-year period. During this time, you must fulfill all requirements toward recertification to assure continued competence and credentialing in music therapy. The end of the cycle corresponds with the expiration date of your current MT-BC certificate. Once board certification has lapsed, you must pass the MT-BC Examination to become board certified again.

To be recertified, complete the following requirements by the end of your five-year cycle:

  • Sign into your online account at the CBMT Login and select Application for Recertification. Submit 100 recertification credits in the Application for Recertification. All continuing education options are outlined on the Recertification Credit Chart. Required documentation as outlined on the chart  would be requested if you are chosen for the random audit. In order to fulfill recertification requirements, you must have completed all continuing education credits by the last day of the fifth year of your
  • Participate in the random audit, if selected.
  • Pay all maintenance fees.
  • Complete the Application for Recertification in your online account by the end of your five-year cycle.

Upon completion of these requirements, you will be notified of your recertification and new expiration date. An updated certificate will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks.

Options for Accruing Recertification Credits

The CBMT Recertification Program provides guidelines to assist you with maintaining competence and enhancing knowledge through continuing education, professional development and professional service opportunities. These three recertification categories are reflective of the outcomes of our Practice Analysis Study and relevant to the skills, abilities and practical understanding required of the MT-BC credential. Documentation guidelines require applying learning outcomes to your practice and relating them to the CBMT Board Certification Domains.


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