Recertification FAQs

Please visit the CBMT Approved Provider section on this website. Approved Providers offer various credits. The Approved Provider list includes links to their websites. Recertification credits do not have to be from pre-approved CMTE opportunities. As long as your continuing education relates to the CBMT Board Certification Domains, credits may be submitted. Please review the Recertification Credit Chart for all available options.

Submitting documentation is necessary only if you are chosen for the random audit. To be prepared for the possibility that you may be chosen, we recommend you compile this documentation at the time of your continuing education and keep on file for at least one year beyond your current five-year recertification cycle. You may upload and store your documentation in your online account at the CBMT login.

Recertification credits can be entered and maintained in your online account at the CBMT login as credits are completed.

One CMTE credit is equal to 50 contact minutes.

Yes. Check the Recertification Chart for these guidelines.

For protection of the public, professional therapists must demonstrate ethical behavior and require continuing education to remain current in knowledge of ethical issues. Other Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) organizations have implemented or will implement a continuing education requirement in ethics and professional practice. CBMT has added this requirement as well.

Each year, CBMT conducts a random audit of a percentage of the certificants who reported credits. Required documentation is outlined on the Recertification Chart and will need to be submitted for credits on file at CBMT. If chosen for audit at the end of your current cycle, your cycle is extended through the audit.

No. Credits must take place within the five-year cycle for which they are reported.

You are encouraged to report credits annually. A total of 100 recertification credits must be submitted by the end of your current cycle, including 3 credits in ethics.

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