As an educator or clinical training director, you instill academic excellence in every graduating class of music therapists. You want your students to excel in their careers, and we share and support your vision with comprehensive competency testing for board certification after graduation.

Board Certification in Music Therapy, also known as the MT-BC credential, provides your graduates with esteemed recognition and ongoing support for continuous professional growth. Rather than viewing board certification as an obligatory step for professional development, we are working to educate all music therapists on the value of rigorous competency testing that underscores the credential. Please join our efforts by informing students of the benefits of board certification:

  • Demonstrates advanced clinical competence that is immediately recognizable to employers, colleagues, patients and clients
  • Boosts confidence and competence, which can improve job satisfaction and quality of care
  • Provides connections to a community of board-certified music therapists working together to advance the practice
  • Creates opportunities for professional networking, local advocacy, and making meaningful contributions to the evolution of the practice

We conduct a Practice Analysis Study every five years to identify changes in knowledge, skills and abilities required in real-life therapeutic settings. We use results of the survey to assess and update CBMT Board Certification Domains, ensuring our MT-BC program always aligns with current clinical practice guidelines.

We understand that passing the MT-BC examination is a challenge. To advance the profession and protect patients, it is meant to be. However, we offer an array of tools to support students, candidates and current certificants in achieving and maintaining board certification. Please help your students rest assured that we provide an array of helpful resources to prepare MT-BC candidates for success on examination day.