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Spotlight Your Credential and Expertise with a Digital Badge

As work environments are changing, the framed credential on your office wall may not be getting the visibility it used to. To assist board-certified music therapists in spotlighting their qualifications and certification status, CBMT has partnered with Credly to offer a digital credential that is easily verified by employers and professional networks. Because we understand […]

A music therapist plays the tambourine with a child in a group session.

Just Released! Value of Certification Video

As your partner and advocate in music therapy, CBMT promotes excellence by awarding board certification based on proven, up-to-date knowledge and competence in clinical practice. Our vision is to ensure access to safe, effective music therapy services for all. We’ve created a video to highlight the benefits and value of your board certification.  Share this […]

Music therapist playing the tambourine with a group of children playing the drums and singing.

CBMT Board Certification Domains 2020 are Now Available

The new CBMT Board Certification Domains define the body of knowledge that represents competent practice in the profession of music therapy and identifies what a credentialed therapist may do in practice.

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Help Us Advance State Recognition

We invite you to join in our efforts to advocate for and advance the profession of music therapy, find out what you can do to help achieve all levels of state recognition.

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Self-Assessment Examinations

CBMT has released a second Self-Assessment Exam with new questions to assist exam candidates in preparing for the CBMT Exam.