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Help Us Advance State Recognition

To ensure that music therapy is provided by individuals who meet established qualifications for education, clinical training and credentialing, each state must officially recognize the music therapy profession and the MT-BC credential required for competent practice. Official state recognition is the first step toward successful inclusion within health and education regulations, which allows for improved employment opportunities and increased access to reimbursement and state funding streams, such as private insurance, Medicaid waivers and special education.

Since 2005, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and CBMT have been collaborating on a State Recognition Operational Plan, a proactive effort to address the changing climate of the profession and the role of state regulation in the field. We provide guidance to state task force groups as they seek various forms of professional recognition in their states. Each state task force works in close cooperation with its own government agencies, the CBMT Regulatory Affairs staff and the AMTA Government Relations staff.


This national initiative is designed to support state task forces to advocate for music therapy services and obtain formal recognition for the profession and the MT-BC credential by:

  • Facilitating local, regional and state advocacy efforts
  • Submitting accurate language for legislation and state regulations
  • Working with local music therapists to educate the state regulatory bodies, state government departments, state legislators and the public about music therapy
  • Protecting the rights of board-certified music therapists to practice

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