The Board Certification Examination in Music Therapy

The CBMT Board Certification examination consists of a 150 question multiple-choice test. There are two forms of the examination and they are reviewed and updated annually to reflect new content. The exam is administered by computer at over 200 Assessment Centers geographically distributed throughout the United States and abroad. Examinations are administered by appointment only Monday through Friday at 9:00am and 1:30pm with the exception of some holidays. There are no application deadlines and candidates that meet the eligibility requirements for an examination may apply at any time.

The current pass rate is 74% for those taking the exam for the first-time. Since April 1, 2018, 797 candidates have taken the exam for the first time, and 588 candidates have performed successfully.

Examination and SAE Prices

Examination fees for first-time exam takers is $325, $275 examination fee and $50 processing fee. Those retaking the exam will not pay the $50 processing fee, they will only pay the examination fee of $275.

The Self-Assessment Examinations (SAE) are updated with each new Practice Analysis Study. The cost of each SAE is $75 and they can be ordered on the CBMT website.

CBMT has two Self-Assessment Exams (SAE) to assist exam candidates in preparing for the CBMT Exam. This second SAE contains new questions that also relate to the Board Certification Domains and can be used in addition to the original Self-Assessment Examination for continued review. The second SAE is named “Self-Assessment Examination – Form B”.