CBMT Committees

As the field of music therapy evolves to face new challenges and opportunities, CBMT is proud to oversee several committees dedicated to shaping the future of the MT-BC certification program. Our committees help develop, administer and continuously update our certification exam and recertification program.

Exam Committee

The Exam Committee develops the CBMT Certification Exam, including new test items in relation to the CBMT Board Certification Domains and in conjunction with our testing partner, PSI Services. Meet the Exam Committee Members:

     Terry Blaine, MS, LCAT, MT-BC

     Brenda Buchanan, MA, MT-BC

     Beth Collier, MT-BC

     Hiromi Itoh, MM, MT-BC

     Laura Lenz, LPMT, MT-BC

     Kirsten Meyer Zaryky, MA, MT-BC, Board Liaison

     Jeanne Nicholas, M.Ed., MT-BC

     Maria Nowlin, MA, MS, LPC, MT-BC, NCC

     Victoria Culp Smith, MA, MT-BC

Continuing Education Committee

This committee is responsible for administering and monitoring continuing education requirements for MT-BCs. Their role includes support for Approved CBMT Providers, recognition for participation in continuing education activities, and quality assurance through audits of continuing education records of MT-BCs. Meet the Continuing Education Committee Members:


     Alaine E. Reschke-Hernandez, PhD, MT-BC, Chair

     Hong-Yu Chang, MME, MT-BC

     Andrea Crimmins, Ph.D., MT-BC, Board Liaison

     Ellyn Evans, PhD, MT-BC     

     Marion Haase, MM, MT-BC

     Eugenie Hernandez Ruiz, PhD, MT-BC

     Virginia Kallay, MT-BC

     Amy Robertson, PhD, MT-BC

     Becky Wellman, PhD, LPMT, MT-BC

Practice Analysis Committee

This committee convenes every five years to conduct a survey of practicing music therapists and to identify the tasks necessary for the practice of music therapy. This committee, with the help of our testing partner, PSI Services, uses results of the survey to generate the new Board Certification Domains for use in the construction of the CBMT Examination. The 2019 Practice Analysis was most recently completed.

     Maureen Hearns, Ph.D., MT-BC, Chair

     Denise Coovert, MM, MT-BC

     Amy Furman, MM, MT-BC

     Yvonne Glass, MM, MT-BC

     Marion Haase, MM, MT-BC

     Eugenia Hernandez-Ruiz, Ph.D., MT-BC    

     Susan Jette, MT-BC

     Petra Kern, Ph.D., MT-BC, MTA, DMtG, Board Liaison

     Deborah Layman, MM, MT-BC

     Kirsten Meyer Zaryky, MA, MT-BC

     Lee Anna Rasar, MME, MT-BC, WMTR

Public Information & Outreach Committee

This committee executes and creates all information related to marketing and public relations, as determined by the CBMT Board of Directors.

     Noah Potvin, Ph.D., LPC, MT-BC, Public Information Officer

Disciplinary Review Committee & Disciplinary Hearing Committee

This committee is responsible for considering and assessing alleged violations of any CBMT disciplinary standards set forth in the CBMT Code of Professional Practice, or any other CBMT standard policy or procedure.

Disciplinary Review Committee

    Celeste Keith, MT-BC

    Janice Lindstrom, MA, MT-BC

    Lee Anna Rasar, MME, MT-BC, WMTR

Disciplinary Hearing Committee

    Maureen Hearns, Ph.D., MT-BC

    Lisa Gallagher, Ph.D, MT-BC

    Michael Rohrbacher, Ph.D., MT-BC

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