State Recognition for Texas

Recognized? No

Recognition Status: With additional education and clinical training, music therapists are eligible to apply for counseling license.

Active Task Force? Yes

Year Started: 2007

Task Force Status: Explored a new Medicaid waiver program that includes music therapy but not the qualifications. AMTA and CBMT helped music therapists respond to proposed waiver cuts, now on hold. Task force held successful letter-writing campaign during 2012 regional music therapy conference. Task force organized community advocacy events in November 2013 and advocacy-related events at the SWR conference in March 2014. Task force organized a Lobby Day in February 2015, during which a resolution was read and passed on the House Floor recognizing music therapy. The task force is continuing to make connections with and invite legislators to their workplace as we navigate recognition options and work towards targeting a legislator to champion a music therapy study bill. We are keeping updated on committee hearings where music therapy is applicable. We are attending hearings either in person and/or online when we can as well as learning to provide written testimony referencing how music therapy can aide and support current state goals. A Q & A sheet is being developed that will go out later this month to all MT-BCs in the state of Texas outlining the current operational plan and task force objectives for state recognition. AMTA met with the program manager for the YES waiver and is helping to update the language used in the manual regarding music therapy. Texas is expanding its Texas Star Kids Program (a new Medicaid managed care program) and working alongside United Healthcare in this endeavor. Going live 11/01/2016, this program will provide benefits to individuals with disabilities ages 20 and under and will allow music therapists to be in-network. The service areas covered in the program include the counties located in MRSA Northeast, MRSA Central, Jefferson, Harris and Hidalgo. (April 2018) Jenny Denk provided public testimony to the Texas House Public Health Committee regarding Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Written testimony was submitted by Carolyn Dobson, Meredith Hamons, Marial Board, Della Molloy-Daugherty, and Carol Gardner. View Jenny Denk’s testimony at (May 2018) Tania Cordobes provided public testimony to the Texas House Public Health Committee on children with mental health and trauma issues. Written testimony was provided by Michael Zanders, Kate Harrison, Ingrid Moeller, and Chris Lippke. Hannah Bronson provided invited testimony to the Texas Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Border Control with written testimony from Sherill Cross and Kate Harrison. Stephanie Scheffel provided public testimony to the Texas House Public Education Committee with written testimony from Ann Petty, Michelle Kennemer, Tammy Takaishi, and Patina Jackson. View Stephanie Scheffel’s testimony: the 2021 legislative session, bills were filed to establish a music therapy license. Board Certified Music Therapists John Head, Eric Gumm and Kate Harrison provided testimony in public hearings. HB 2473 was voted out of committee but was not brought to the floor for a vote from the full House. SB 1452 did not receive a committee hearing. In the interim session, the TF will work on continuing to build relationships with Texas legislators and members of the TDLR.

Task Force Contact Name: Kate Harrison and Janice Lindstrom

Task Force Contact Email:

Task Force Members: Tania Cordobes, Carolyn Dobson, Cara Hamlyn, Kate Harrison, Janice Lindstrom, Annie Roberson, Tammy Takaishi, Jennifer Townsend

Task Force Facebook: Texas State Task Force for Music Therapy Recognition

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Regional Association:

State Legislative Activity:

Below you will find a link to an online report with information about state-level bills that include the keyword “music therapy.” There may or may not be a bill for your state. Some bills may have a direct impact on the profession (e.g. music therapy licensure legislation) while others may not (e.g. music therapy is included in a pre-existing list of healthcare providers). 

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Information is provided by Fiscal Note, a subscription service that allows CBMT to follow state and federal legislative and regulatory developments. This resource is provided for informational purposes to help you stay informed on legislative and policy issues impacting music therapy practice. Please contact your task force chair with questions and before taking any action.