State Recognition for Oregon

Recognized? Yes – Licensure

Recognition Status: On July 1, 2015, Governor Brown of Oregon signed into law HB 2796. This legislation creates a music therapy license through the Health Licensing Office.

Active Task Force? Yes

Year Started: 2007

Task Force Status: Task force hosted Hill Day event in June 2013 and continued to collaborate with Creative Arts Therapy Coalition of Portland. Presented advocacy awards at WR conference in Portland, OR in March 2014. House Bill 2796, legislation to create a music therapy license administered by the Health Licensing Office, was filed in 2015. Task Force has mobilized significant grassroots advocacy support and has maintained an active presence at the Capitol, which included organizing a Hill Day in February 2015. The bill passed out of both chambers and was signed into law on July 1, 2015. The music therapy license was implemented January 1, 2016, making it illegal to practice music therapy in the state of Oregon without a license. TF is working with the Oregon Health Authority to improve music therapy access via Medicaid and OHP. TF is also in communication with the Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC). They are currently reviewing evidence supporting MT services and a hearing is scheduled for October with the hope of accessing more billing codes for Medicaid and OHP. Regarding special education and ESDs, TF created a document explaining how licensure potentially creates more access for students. TF clarified that mental health agencies with a “Certificate of Approval” may contract with MTs with QMHP or QMHA qualifications as determined by the contract payer (cco) based on the MTs experience and degrees.

Task Force Contact Name: Jodi Winnwalker

Task Force Contact Email:

Task Force Members: Jessica Steinheber, Jodi Winnwalker

Task Force Facebook:

State Association:

State Association Facebook: Oregon Association for Music Therapy

Regional Association:

State Legislative Activity:

Below you will find a link to an online report with information about state-level bills that include the keyword “music therapy.” There may or may not be a bill for your state. Some bills may have a direct impact on the profession (e.g. music therapy licensure legislation) while others may not (e.g. music therapy is included in a pre-existing list of healthcare providers). 

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Information is provided by Fiscal Note, a subscription service that allows CBMT to follow state and federal legislative and regulatory developments. This resource is provided for informational purposes to help you stay informed on legislative and policy issues impacting music therapy practice. Please contact your task force chair with questions and before taking any action.