State Recognition for Missouri

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Active Task Force? Yes

Year Started: 2010

Task Force Status: Researched inclusion in state agency regulations, including waiver and Early Intervention programs. Met with agency officials to discuss inclusion options (12/10). “Friend of Music Therapy” award given to Sen. Crowell. Conducted 3 town hall meetings (01/12) to answer questions and educate state MTs regarding licensure. Met with Division of Professional Registration (DPR) to determine appropriate board placement and bill language (02/12). A resolution was filed during the 2013 session recognizing music therapy in Missouri (HCR 33). Task force held Hill Day in March 2014 followed by advocacy events at the MWR conference in Springfield, MO. Working with legislative liaison at DPR to determine best option for moving forward with licensure legislation in 2015 and is planning to prepare a Sunrise Review-type of application in summer 2014 per new DPR policy. Legislation was filed in 2015 to create a music therapy license in the state (HB 189/SB 154). The bill was heard in committee due to pressure by the bill’s sponsor, but was never brought to a vote. Bill sponsor successfully included music therapy in SB 380, which added board certified music therapists as qualified service providers to First Steps, the state’s early intervention program. Our champion, Rep. Kathy Swan, received the Advocate of Music Therapy award at the 2015 AMTA conference and gave an empowering speech. HB 1607 providing for music therapy licensure was prefiled by Rep. Swan (12/15) and referred to the Professional Licensing and Registration Committee (1/16). Task force organized a Hill Day and testified at a hearing for HB 1607 with the Professional Registration and Licensing Committee in March 2016. Met with legislators, including Todd Richardson (Speaker of the House), about the importance of this bill. Delivered information with shaker eggs which were well received in the legislative offices. HB 1607 did not proceed to a vote. Kathy Swan had an amendment added to HB 1611 requiring DESE to recognize the board certification credential as a license. This bill passed out of committee on 5/6 following a special executive session.

Task Force Contact Name: Kelley Pujol

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Task Force Members: Amelia Ehmling, Kelli McKee, Emily McKinney, Emily Pivovarnik, Kelley Pujol, Katilin Sutton, Kristen Veteto

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State Association Facebook: St. Louis Music Therapy Association, Inc.

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Below you will find a link to an online report with information about state-level bills that include the keyword “music therapy.” There may or may not be a bill for your state. Some bills may have a direct impact on the profession (e.g. music therapy licensure legislation) while others may not (e.g. music therapy is included in a pre-existing list of healthcare providers). 

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Information is provided by Fiscal Note, a subscription service that allows CBMT to follow state and federal legislative and regulatory developments. This resource is provided for informational purposes to help you stay informed on legislative and policy issues impacting music therapy practice. Please contact your task force chair with questions and before taking any action.